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Vijayawada Municipal Corporation

Vijayawada also known as Bezawada is one of the biggest corporations in Andhra Pradesh. It has a history of over 130years and several village panchayats were merged into this during the organization and formation of the State. Goddess of Power Durga Devi is worshipped as Goddess Vijaya Durga in Vijayawada and the pious temple is located on top of the hill IndraKheeladri.

The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation abbreviated as VMC has an area about 23.89sq.mi(62km2 approx.) and is populated with more than 10lakh people as per 2011census. As we know every Corporation is has a Mayor, the present mayor of VMC is Mrs. Rayana BhagyaLakshmi.

Vijayawada Municipal Tax

Each and every property owner, whether it is a house or a land in India is liable to pay Property Tax to the respective Municipal Corporation in which they have Property. It is their duty to pay the taxes on time without any dues and delays. If any delay is made, then certain amount of late fee would be levied in addition to the actual tax amount.

The Govt has facilitated the Citizens with both online and offline modes of Tax Payments. Here we’ve listed down the stepwise procedure of Tax Payment both in Online and Offline methods.

How to Pay Vijayawada Property Tax Online

The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation Tax Payment 2024 Online: The step wise procedure of paying the Vijayawada Property tax Online is:

  1. Open the official website of Vijayawada Municipal Corporation hosted by the Government.
  2. Then select e-payments & search for Online Property Tax Payment option and click on it.
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  4. Then you will be taken into the Payment interface where you can find different options to check and pay the bill.
    • Assessment number
    • Old Assessment Number
    • Owner Name
    • Door Number are all the particulars you would find on the page.
  5. You can enter any one of the given particulars related to your property to find out the tax amount.
  6. Once you proceed to payment then the payment gateway is displayed.
  7. Depending on your convenience select the payment option and complete the payment
  8. After the successful payment of the tax amount a unique transaction number is generated and you can download the acknowledgement receipt for future reference.
Vijayawada Municipal Tax property Payment Online
Vijayawada Municipal property Tax Payment Online

Vijayawada Municipal Corporation Tax Payment Offline

You can also pay the property tax offline in Vijayawada. Here is the process to pay tax property offline:

  • Visit the Municipality office/Meeseva Kendra to pay the property tax
  • Provide the operator with your assessment number or door number or owner name that belongs to the property you want to pay the bill. You can also refer the previous bills for the property particulars.
  • Once you give the details the operator will go through the details given on the site and will tell you the actual amount of tax that is to be paid for the entire annual year or one half of the year.
  • You can pay the service provider using cash or any other payment mode depending upon your convenience.
  •  You will be provided with a unique transaction number for reference in future.

Vijayawada Property Tax Calculation Online

Online property tax calculator by Vijayawada Municipal Corporation can be accessed in the official website of VMC.It is also important to know how to calculate the Property Tax we are liable to pay. This is how you can calculate the tax amount.

  • Visit the official website
  • Select the zone in which your property is located.
  • You can find the type of construction and usage in the drop down menu.
  • In terms of Square meters mention the plinth area.
  • In the given options mention the number of floors and the age of construction. You should also mention whether the property is self-occupied or rented.
  • After filling all the essential information your half yearly tax amount will be displayed and you can pay the tax either online or offline using the above steps.

Factors effecting Property Tax in VMC

The type of construction, usage of property, age of property, tax rate, annual rental value, the plinth area, assessment report and other important amenities effect the Property tax amount in Vijayawada Corporation.

Vijayawada Municipality Corporation Property Tax Search

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  2. Vijayawada Municipal Property Tax Payment Online at

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