Property Tax Pune, Pune Municipal Corporation Property Tax Pay Online 2024-25

Quick and Simple Guide on Pune Property Tax Pay To PMC Online 2024. PMC property tax receipt download. Property Tax Pune, Pune Municipal Corporation Property Tax Pay Online 2024-2025.

PMC Property Tax

Every property has a tax value attached regardless of the size. Majority of government (s) enhance programs and delegate bodies to manage tax services within different locations. India a developed Country with multiple states has a defined tax system. The states have municipal Corporations that help in collecting various taxes. Property tax is a major revenue boost for all the corporations making a significant income generator.

Like other Cities and State the Pune government has a body which administers the collection of property tax. The Pune Municipal Corporation depends on property tax as the biggest source of revenue income. Pune has the highest number of properties (estimation of 10 lakhs) under the Pune municipal.

The PMC taxes each property by accessing its value. There are several tax amount determiners from age, location, usage, etc… Once property owner receive their recommended tax value. They should honor and clear the taxes before due date. Late payments attract hefty fines and penalties which should be clear to avoid other lawful actions from the municipal. Pune Municipal Corporation offers incredible discounts to taxpayers who complete their payments beforehand.

Property Tax Pune, Pune Municipal Property Tax Pay Online 2024-25
Property Tax Pune, Pune Municipal Corporation Property Tax Pay Online 2024-25

Pune Municipal Corporation Property Tax 2024-25 Pay Offline

Procedure to pay property tax offline in Pune. Step by step to Pay Pune Municipal Corporation Property Tax 2024-25 Offline

 To pay PMC property tax offline go to the below listed centers for property tax payment:

  • Submit your property tax to any PMC office around your area.
  • The bank branches (Authorized) of:
    • HDFC.
    • Cosmos.
    • Bank of Maharashtra.
    • ICICI.
  • PMC citizen’s facilitation center.
  • The small tax payment shops.

In these centers, tax amount is paid through the “Assessor and Collector of Tax, PMC Pune” in the following:

  • Demand draft.
  • Cash.
  • Cheque.

Types of Forms of PMC Property Tax in Pune

There are different types of forms in Pune property tax, such as:

  • Double property demolition.
  • Solar tax benefit.
  • Freedom and ex-fighters tax benefit.
  • Vermiculture tax benefit.
  • Rainwater harvesting tax benefit.
  • Illegal construction – Single tax for 1000 square feet.

How to Print a Tax Bill in Pune Property Tax

Steps on how to print a tax bill in Pune property tax.

To print a tax bill, follow the instructions given below:

  • On the web page of the Pune property tax ““, hit on the “Tax bill” option.
  • You have two options to choose from, “Difference Bill” and “Regular Bill”.
  • Choose the “Regular bill” option.
  • In the menu list, choose the “Property type,” then key in the following:
    • Peth ID.
    • Account number.
    • Section ID.
  • Hit on the “Submit” tab for the “Regular bill” to print.

In the case of the “Difference bill.”

  • Go to the “Property tax Dakhala Bill Details” OPTION.
  • Choose  “Property type” from the menu list, then input the following details:
    • Peth ID.
    • Account number.
    • Section ID.
  • Submit for the printing of the difference bill.

NB. The Regular bill indicates the latest yearly bill, while the difference bill indicates 40% of the changes withdrawn.

PUNE Municipal Corporation Property Tax Pay Online

Procedure to pay property tax online in Pune.

The below steps indicate how one can pay PMC property tax online in Pune:

  1. One can move to the official website of “Pune Property Tax” at
  2. Select your payment mode.
  3. Tap any of the provided options.
  4. A new page will open requesting to input the following:
    • Account number.
    • Section ID
    • Property type.
    • Peth ID.
  5. On submission of your needed credentials, your property details, together with tax dues, will show.
  6. You have to input the other required details, which will redirect you to the payment page.
  7. Pay according to the payment mode you have chosen.

How to Calculate Property Tax in Pune

The Pune Municipal cooperation has a capital value system on how to calculate property tax. Follow the steps below on how to calculate tax:

First, get the capital value.

Capital value = Base value * Built-up area *Use category * Type of building * Age factor * Floor factor.

Then, the property tax.

Property value = Capital value * Rate of tax.

The capital value varies from one property to another depending on the property type. One can use the online calculator on the PMC online portal to search for the levied tax after inputting the following details:

  • Construction year.
  • Type of the property.
  • Location.
  • Total plinth area.
  • Property usage.
  • Carpet area.

Last Date For Pune Municipal Corporation Property Tax

Final Dates for the Property tax payment in Pune.

PMC property tax has set dates for the final tax payment which results in a penalty if not paid in the agreed time. The tax payment runs into two terms:

  • In the first term, it starts from April to September, and the tax payment is done before 31stMay. Those who delay their payment a penalty of 2% is charged each month from 1st July.
  • In the second term, which runs from October to December, tax payment is made before 31st December. For those who delay their payment, a penalty of 2% is charged from 1st January.

If tax is paid before the final dates discount is given to:

  • Property owners whose yearly total value adds up to Rs. 25000 receive a discount of 10%, and if the yearly total value is higher than Rs.25000, a discount of 5% is given.
  • The municipal tax gives a 5% discount to the residential properties inclusive of solar and rainwater harvesting, and two of the projects get 10%.

Property Tax Receipt

The property tax receipt in Pune.

A taxpayer citizen can get all neededtax receipts by:

  • Login to the property tax Pune portal link at
  • Input the required details to generate all the needed receipts.
  • The details include:
  • Section ID.
  • Account number.

How to get PMC Property Tax No-dues Certificate

Steps on how to get property tax No-dues certificate.

The Pune municipal corporation website outlines the below steps on how to get the PMC property tax No-dues certificate:

  • Log in to the official website of the Pune property tax at
  • From the web page, choose the “Get NOC” tab.
  • Input the following details:
    • Mobile number.
    • Email ID.
  • Hit on “Get OTP.”
  • Submit the OTP, and you will get a “No Dues Certificate” in your inbox.

The Self-Assessment process of property tax in pune

The process below shows the self-assessment process of PMC property tax in Pune:

  • Launch into the official website of Pune property tax at
  • On opening the homepage, tap on the “Self-Assessment” button.
  • From the list provided, choose the following:
    • Property type.
    • Assessment type.
    • Property subtype.
    • Peth.
  • Proceed to highlight the following details:
    • House number.
    • Survey number.
    • Owner name.
    • Flat number.
    • Area of the property.
    • Details of the property address.
    • Email ID.
    • Old property ID/ nearest landmark.
    • Pin code.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Press on the “Get OTP”.
  • Upon completion of the process, the area inspector will pay a visit to the property.
  • The levy of the property tax will be given after the Measurements.

PMC Property Details update for Pune Property Tax

For a taxpayer to update the property details for a property tax, he/she has to:

  • Present enquiry to the PMC online or offline.
  • The following documents should accompany the enquiry:
  • Occupancy certificate.
  • Documents for property ownership.
  • Building plan.
  • After your documents are verified, the update of the property details will be done, followed by the calculation of the property tax.

Exemptions of property tax in Pune.

The mention below properties are the exemptions from the PMC Property tax:

  • A discount of 40% on property tax is provided to citizens above 40% disability.
  • The help-rendering institutions and worshiping places do not pay property tax.
  • The freedom fighters and their families, ex-servicemen and women, can get a 50% exemption from the property tax.

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  1. What is the PMC property tax on the Pune official website?

The PMC property tax in Pune official website is at

  • How can one get the PMC property tax in Pune?

A taxpayer can get all the needed tax receipts by:

  • Logging to the property tax pune portal at
  • Input the required details to generate all the needed receipts.
  • The details include:
  • Section ID.
  • Account number.

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