Payroll Herb, AP Pensioners Pay Slip 2024 Download at

Incredible Details on AP Employee/ Pensioners Pay Slip 2024 Download. Payroll Herb, AP Pensioners Pay Slip 2024 Download at

Payroll Herb

Andhra Pradesh state government pensioners and employees are equipped with a digital system that allows quick salary slip production. The government established a software that ease department functionality and provide employees with timely salaries and pay slips. The advanced tech applies to pensioners who get a similar platform to check their monthly contributions, statements and other crucial government services. 

Through the Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS), Andhra Pradesh state government utilizes the online web portal for employees and pensioners to follow their monthly payslips. The website is open throughout to registered government workers in various departments According to the changes made in the PRC 2024, employers and pensioners can access the payroll application web portal by entering their login credentials.

The AP Pensioners Pay Slip

The AP Pensioners pay slip is given to retirees working in the government of Andhra Pradesh. The payslips are accessible on the online CFMS portal. The website provides the salary slips for every month based on one’s preference.


CMFS means Comprehensive Financial Management System. The state of Andhra Pradesh government created the website to offer the following functions:

  • Provide better services to Pensioners and Employees.
  • Give good governance.

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Payroll Herb, AP Pensioners Pay Slip 2024 Download at
Payroll Herb, AP Pensioners Pay Slip 2024 Download at

The AP Treasury Pensioners PPO Slip

The AP Pensioners Pay Slip/Pension Payment Order(PPO) is a document presented to pensioners who get pension benefits from the Andhra Pradesh government treasury. The PPO (Pension Payment officer) issues the AP pension pay slips. The pensioners’ payslip contains:

  • Pensioners name.
  • Pensioners ID number.
  • Pension amount.
  • Deductions made, such as taxes, arrears, etc.
  • Pensioners bank account.
  • Bank name.
  • Bank branch.

If the payslip has an error, one is advised to immediately call the Pension Payment Officer (PPO) for error rectification.

The AP Pensioners PPO

The Andhra Pradesh PPO (Pensioners Pension Payment Order) is a document from the Pension Payment Officer to the AP government treasury pension recipients. The AP PPO is an essential document as it:

  • It helps one to get information about pension payments.
  • Ensures one receives the correct amount in the bank account.

AP Pensioners Pay Slip 2024 Download

 Downloading the AP Pensioners pay slip. Following the below steps, get the AP pensioner’s payslip:

  • The pensioner can move to the official payroll website at
  • On the webpage, go to the tab “Download pay slip” and tap to get the download form for the employee/pensioner provisional pay slip.
  • Choose the “Pensioner” option highlighted from the menu.
  • Select “submit” and press.
  • A new window will appear requesting the input of:
    • CFMSID.
    • Password.
  • Enter the submit option to get the payslip download having payroll for different months.
  • Click the “Download” option in the download section, and a generated pay slip will appear on the display screen.

The AP employee/pensioners payslip 2024 objective.

The state allows employees and pensioners to use the online payslip.

Advantages for Employees/Pensioners Pay Slips

The below-listed points highlight the advantages of the employee/pensioner payslip:

  • Through the website introduction, government employees have access to any work information.
  • The pay revision commission gave the retirement age to 62 years.
  • It’s easy to download the AP payslip.

Needed Documents for Employee Payslips

The below-mentioned documents are needed to download the employee salary slip:

  • Employee ID.
  • Residential certificate.
  • Aadhaar card.
  • Mobile number.

Eligibility for AP CFMS.

To qualify for the AP CFMS, one should be:

  • A government employee.
  • Andhra Pradesh citizen.

AP Employee Pay Slip 2024

Downloading the AP employee pay slip 2024

For an employee to download the online AP employee pay slip must follow the below-outlined process:

  • The AP CFMS employee has to go through the official website at
  • The web portal will appear displaying:
    • Employee services.
    • Pensioner services.
  • Select the “Employee service” tab to access other tabs which will appear on the screen under the employee tab, such as:
    • Income for the year.
    • My loans.
    • My payslip.
  • Choose the button “My Payslip,” then tap to get a new screen demanding an Employee ID number (7 digits).
  • An option, “Get details,” will appear. Press it to input the requested details:
    • An employee ID.
    • Employees name.
    • Mobile number.
  • “Send OTP” is the next option. Tap it to receive the code.
  • On receiving the OTP number, press the “submit” option to get a new window.
  • Provide the following:
    • Month.
    • Year.
  • Hit the “Get payslip” tab, and the salary data details appear on the page.
  • Go to the “Download” option, hit it, and if you wish, get a printout.

Download AP Employee Payslip From the HERB APP

To download an employee salary slip from the HERB App, follow the steps below:

  • An eligible individual has to go through the AP official website at (or)
  • Hit “Download Employee Mobile APP HERB” from the homepage display.
  • Tap the “Download Android App” tab on the display screen, and the Google Play Store will be displayed on the window.
  • In the provision of the install option, press and open the “APP.”
  • You are requested to input the following details:
    • User ID (CFMS number).
    • Password.
  • Hit the “Sign in” tab, and then you will receive an OTP in your registered mobile number.
  • Your account details will display on the screen after you key in the received OTP.
  • Get the “pay slip” option, then tap to choose the month for a download.
  • All the pay slip information will appear on the screen page.
  • Press the option “Download,” and your payslip will be downloaded.

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  1. Give the complete form of initials CFMS.

The initials stand for Comprehensive Financial Management System.

  1. What is the AP Pensioners pay slip 2024?

The AP pensioner payslip is a document issued by the Pension Payment officer (PPO) for the retired employees of the Andhra Pradesh government.

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