AP ZPGPF Annual Slip 2024 Download, AP ZPGPF Statement at Zpgpf.ap.gov.in

Detailed Data on AP ZPGPF Annual Slip 2024 Download, AP ZPGPF Statement 2024 pdf download & Missed credits and Debit at zpgpf.ap.nic.in (or) https://ag.ap.nic.in/slipsgpf.aspx

AP ZPGPF Annual Slip

GPF (General Provident Fund) is an essential saving scheme that comes in handy for all government workers. It’s a retirement saving that helps employees have a better life after work. The government eases the GPF rules and allows employees to avail loans based on particular issues.

The scheme benefits employee’s immediate families, making it a considerable option. Once the user attains retirement age, they can request the funds through a simple online request. Most Indian State governments have developed GPF platforms to help avail statements, ledgers, and loans online.

AP ZPGPF Annual Slip 2024 Download, AP ZPGPF Statement at Zpgpf.ap.gov.in
AP ZPGPF Annual Slip 2024 Download, AP ZPGPF Statement 2024 at Zpgpf.ap.gov.in


Andhra Pradesh (non-gazette/gazette) employees get the chance to save up for retirement through the GPF scheme. The government, through the National Informatics Centre and Zilla Parishad Provident Fund Department (ZPGPF), has introduced a simple digital portal to accommodate all GPF details. Eligible users can review the annual AP ZPGPF statements (slips), loans, and other PF-related data.

The www.zpgpf.nic.gov.in (or) www.zpgpf.ap.gov.in, https://ag.ap.nic.in/slipsgpf.aspx is the official link available on all browsers. AP government employees should log in using registered credentials to avail:

Details on Acquired Interest

  • Withdraw
  • Contribution’s
  • Annual statement/slips
  • Grievances
  • Missing credits or debits
  • Corrections.

Eligibility for AP ZPGPF registration and loan application

  • Employees need to check availability check before requesting loans or registering on the official page.
  • All employees approaching retirement age shouldn’t apply for the GPF loan.
  • State employees are eligible to avail the loan two or more times within the working period.
  • AP ZPGPF is designed for Andhra Pradesh government employees only.

Download AP ZPGPF Annual Statement/Slip 2024

Guide on how to download AP ZPGPF Annual statement/ ZPGPF AP slip 2024

To access the annual ZPGPF slips, the user should provide the following:
GPF account number
Login password.


  1. Through your best browser, log in to the AP ZPGPF via the link www.zpgpf.ap.nic.in (or) https://ag.ap.nic.in/slipsgpf.aspx link
  2. The site will display Zilla Praja Parishad names (Districts):
    • Chittoor
    • Krishna
    • Ananthapur
    • Prakasam
    • Srikakuma
    • Potti Sreeramulu Nellore
    • Srikakulam
    • Visakhapatnam
    • Vizianagaram
    • West Godavari
  3. Next, input your PF number, which is your password.
  4. Check if it is correct and enter the security code to continue.
  5. Submit the details and press the “Menu” section.
  6. Proceed to the “ledger card” option, enter the years, and choose the preferred annual slip.
  7. Ensure the slip is correct, and proceed to the “download tab to access the PDF form on your device.
  8. The user can print the slip for various purposes.

Missing Credits and Debits on GPF Schedules

Common mistakes may occur on the GPF details, which will negatively affect the calculation. Suppose the employee finds any missing credit or debit. They should report to the respective DDO or Treasury office for correction. The procedure requires crucial details such as:

  • Employee’s name (subscriber)
  • GPF account number
  • DDO office serving at a particular time.
  • The amount of credit/debit
  • Salary date
  • Head of account
  • The treasury amount was deducted from
  • Challan number
  • Date of the voucher or remittance.

To recover any amount, employees should gather proof documents (vouchers) from the DDO office.

Important Facts for DDO When Preparing GPF Schedules

  • The subscription amount must be presented in a round-off sum.
  • All account numbers should follow a serial order.
  • Guide letters such as GA, PH, or MEDL need to be suffixed on the account number.
  • Provide a reason for discontinuing the subscription.
  • The schedules indicated in figures and numbers should be struck.
  • Show the month of recovery.
  • Users need to enter the schedules on debt vouchers and challan.
  • Employees seeking refunds should offer installments and outstanding.
  • The user providing challans should indicate the GPF account number.
  • The DDO should have all points on the checklist while submitting the GPF withdrawals.
  • The booster scheme payments should align with the GPF payments.

Andhra Pradesh state employees’ GPF data is highly safe with the introduction of an online portal. However, one should keep review to ensure correct activities take place on their account. The DDO and Treasury offices are in a position to help with any missed installment.

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  1. What does AP ZPGPF mean?

The abbreviation means Andhra Pradesh Zilla Parishad General Provident Fund.

  1. Who is eligible for ZPGPF?

The savings scheme and portal are available for AP government employees only.

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