AIMS Portal – AIMS Railway Salary Slip 2024, RESS Salary Slip Download

A Complete Guide on Railway Pay Slip at AIMS Portal RESS Login. AIMS Mobile RESS Salary Slip Download 2024 at


India has the largest railway network in the world that provides transportation services to lakhs of people. It is the biggest employer in the country and plays a significant role in rendering all the activities relating to railway accounting, employees, payrolls, finances, and the Accounting department. The employees’ details are handled on digital platforms, enabling transparency and accountability in the working system. The Indian government and railway authorities have launched a unique platform known as the AIMS portal.

The Accounting Information and Management System (AIMS) portal has significantly changed Indian Railways’ digitalization. The portal provides regular updates for all Indian railways employees to access their salary slip details about the financial functions. It helps railway employees view their salaries, pensions, health insurance, and benefits online.

The Account Department of Indian Railways has facilitated proper budgeting of earnings about rail operations and checking transactions for receipts and expenditures. The self-service railway portal also enables employees to quickly log in as train drivers, conductor, train conductor, or any railway worker. With the Railway Employee Self-Service (RESS) facility, registered railway workers can view the status of their train, station, station information, and station address.

AIMS Portal

AIMS Railway Salary Slip 2024, RESS Salary Slip at AIMS Portal
AIMS Railway Salary Slip 2024, RESS Salary Slip at AIMS Portal

Details for AIMS Registration

There are various essential details required for AIMS Registration, as mentioned below;

  • Date of birth
  • Mobile Number
  • Employee Photograph
  • Aadhaar card
  • Information about the employee

AIMS Portal Registration 2024

Process to register in the AIMS portal

Below are simple steps to follow for every employee to register into the AIMS portal and access the salary details;

  • Applicant must sign in to the official website of the AIMS portal at
  • Scroll down the images on the home page.
  • Press the ”Employee self-service’’ option on the left corner of the screen.
  • A new page will display on the field.
  • Proceed by filling in the details to sign in or register into the AIMS portal.
  • Next, view the Railway employee self-service window in the space provided.
  • Fill in the correct details to log in on the new widow.
  • Tap on the ‘Payslip’’ option after logging in process.
  • Lastly, download or track the payslip to complete the process.

How to Register for AIMS SMS Alert

Steps to register for AIMS SMS Alert

The user needs to be registered for AIMS SMS Alert before receiving any SMS as mentioned below;

  • First, by Sending ”START” on 09821736069 mobile number.
  • A verification message will appear on the device

AIMS Portal Login

The process to log on to the AIMS Portal

Logging on the AIMS portal enables one to access all the e-services from any station in India. You can follow the steps below to log on to the AIMS portal;

  • Launch on the official website of the AIMS portal at
  • Press the ”Employee Self Service” option on the web page.
  • You will see the AIMS login page on the system.
  • Input your password and user ID in the spaces provided.
  • Key on the submit button on the screen to proceed.
  • Finally, you can quickly access your account and view your payslip, check information, and other services.

Download Railway Pay Slip at AIMS Portal

Here are the steps to follow to download the railway pay slip:

  • Launch the Browser and press the RESS Railway portal through link
  • Fill in your password and employee user ID.
  • Press the Submit option to proceed.
  • A new page will open with Aadhaar number, employee name, employee number, and employee photo.
  • Tap the SALARY option on the right side on the sub-options such as yearly summary, supplementary income, and salary.
  • Continue by pressing the salary option, including
  • Salary. This allows users to download a particular month’s payslip.
  • Supplementary income. This gives all the income information for the financial year.
  • Yearly summary. It allows financial year pay details.
  • Press the details of the month and year in YYYYMM (Ex:201912) format.
  • Provide the Railway salary month and submit the form.
  • Enter the required month’s pay details like earning details, deductions, summary, and personal details.
  • Download the documents Payslip in PDF at RESS login.

Download RESS Salary Slip Using AIMS Mobile APP

The process to download the RESS salary slip using the mobile app

Through the mobile app, workers can download the RESS salary slip on their Android mobile without visiting the official website portal. Here are steps to follow to download RESS salary using the mobile app;

  • Employees should launch the RESS application on their mobile phones.
  • Sign in to the APP using valid login credentials.
  • Next, confirm the details like employee number, name, etc.
  • Press the ‘’Salary’’ link provided.
  • Choose among the Yearly, Supplementary, or Monthly options given.
  • From the drop-down, Enter the Year &Month option.
  • Hit on the submit button to proceed.
  • The RESS salary slip will open for the entered option.
  • Conclude the process by checking the details and downloading the form for future reference.

How to Check AIMS Railway Payslip 2024?

  • Move to the official website through
  • View the images of the AIMS portal provided.
  • Press on the ‘’Employee self-service’’ option on the left side.
  • Provide all the necessary details to sign in or register into the AIMS portal.
  • Next, check on the Railway employee self-service page on the screen.
  • A page will display on the system. You need to provide the details to log in.
  • Proceed by pressing on the ‘’Payslip’’ option.
  • You can track or download the payslip to complete the process.

Procedure to Reset a Password from the AIMS Portal

You can follow the below steps in case of the user forgets a password or needs to change from the Aims portal;

  • Navigate to the official website of the AIMS (Accounting Information and Management System)
  • The ‘’ESS’’ option will appear on the homepage of the website.
  • A new window will display on the screen after pressing on the link.
  • Input the necessary details, such as password and user ID.
  • Tap on the forget password below the submit option.
  • You will get an OTP to your registered mobile number.


  1. What are the helpline numbers for the AIMS Portal?

For any issues, you can contact the AIMS portal;

  1. RESS Full Form?

Railway employee self service

Contact Hours-9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Mobile Number-08130353466


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