BBMP Property Tax Online Payment 2024-25 at

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP): Wanna Know how to pay Property Tax in BBMP? Here is the quick guide to tell you about the procedure to pay BBMP Property Tax Online for FY 2024-2025 at

BBMP Property Tax Online

If You are a property owner in the IT Hub of the country, then you should surely know how to pay property tax in BBMP. Wanna Know how to pay Property Tax in BBMP? Here is the quick guide to tell you about the procedure to pay BBMP Property Tax Online.

In India, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike is the fourth largest Municipal Corporation. In the past six decades it has expanded its boundaries more than 10times and now the present area is about 741km2. There is a large number of spectacular properties and lands in this country renowned Metropolitan.

The Central and State Governments are the 1st two levels of Government and BBMP plays the role of 3rd level of government. BBMP is headed by a city council composed by a set of elected representatives called “Corporators”. The Greater Bengaluru metropolitans developmental amenities and other infrastructural activities are all organized by BBMP. So, every citizen owning a property in BBMP should pay Property Tax as it is one of the main sources of Revenue to the government.

BBMP Property Tax Online Payment 2024-25

Property Taxes are the most important source of revenue for any state government and the corporation as well. Greater Bengaluru Municipal Corporation allows its citizens to pay the tax through both online and offline modes.

Online Property Tax Payment of BBMP: BBMP facilitates its citizens to pay the taxes right from their home. One can peacefully pay the taxes using the official property tax web portal. Here’s is the procedure of payment.

  1. On Your web browser, type the given link
  2. This opens the official website of BBMP.
  3. Then you’ve to enter the 10digit SAS(Self Assessment System) Number or the PID Number(Property Identification Number) along wit the Property Owner Name.
  4. Youll see a “Retrive” option at te bottom of te pae. Click On it.
  5. This will display the entire details related to your property.
  6. If all the details presented are correct click on Proceed and you will be directed to Form 4 with the payable tax amount.
  7. If there is any change in the property details ten Click on Continue and you’ll directed to Form 5 were you’ve to update the information canes and Click on Proceed.
  8. You can make the payment either in single payment or in two installments. Choose the option and proceed for payment.
  9. Use Online payments options or challan to make the payment. You’ve to provide your Debit/Credit Card Details or Net banking to make the payment through online.
  10. You can download the payment receipt from the same portal.
  11. 5% of rebate will be given if the tax payment is made in advance to the stipulated date announced by the BBMP. Interest at a rate of 24% per annum will be charged if there is any delay in the payment.

BBMP Property Tax Payment 2024-25
BBMP Property Tax Payment Portal

Payment of BBMP Property Tax Offline

  • A Property Tax Form will be available at the Assistant Revenue Office or at Bangalore One Centre.
  • Collect a form and fill in the details of your property.
  • Submit the application form in the same office from which you’ve got the application or at any bank tat can provide you wit tax payment services.
  • They will inform you the exact amount to paid and you can pay them either with cash or card or demand draft.

BBMP Tax Payment Tracking

  • You can also ceck te payment status in te same portal.
  • Click on te Payment Status option in te Main Menu and enter te required details.
  • You can either check wit your application number or wit the Challan number or with the Transaction ID.
  • Click on Retrieve the payment status will be displayed and you’ll get a mail to your registered mail address regarding your payment status.

BBMP Property Tax Payment Status Check

PID Number

To pay the property Tax, You need a PID Number. BBMP allocates the unique 10diit number to each and every property under its boundaries. It is useful to check the property details and tax related data.

Agricultural lands, residential properties, Commercial properties are all different types of properties, and there is a variation in taxes. BBMP calculates the tax based upon the type of your property.

Never Miss The Payment of Taxes on Any of Your Own Properties in Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike . Pay them in Advance and save 5% of Taxable amount.

Check the given link to know how to Pay Property Tax in GHMC

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