AIIMS Salary Slip 2024 Download, AIIMS Portal Registration Online

All Indian Institutes of Medical Sciences AIIMS Employee Salary Slips Guide. AIIMS Salary Slip 2024 Download, 2024 AIIMS Portal Registration. Aiims nursing officer salary slip 2024


The AIIMS are India’s renowned and approved public Medical Universities. The Institution serves millions of students across India who get integrated into various medical fields. AIIMS is classified under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. There are 20+ AIIMS Universities, each offering exclusive services.

With the vast distribution, AIIMS employs thousands of workers in all departments. The employees avail a particular salary based on qualifications, skills, and years of experience. AIIMS, through the financial and IT departments, can easily clear and record employees’ payments via specialized advanced systems. The online portal allows employees to access their salary slips and generate income tax Form 16, GPF details, and salary-related data.

New Delhi AIIMS Payslip Portal

New Delhi AIIMS provides employees with online services to solve multiple requirements without visiting the HR office. This offers incredible solutions to both employees and University/authorities. The AIIMS payslip portal helps keep proper salary records or employee data for long periods.

Present and Old AIIMS Employee Pay Slips

AIIMS has developed a fascinating portal that can track previous slips regardless of the employee’s category. Employees searching for previous or old pay slips can check from AIIMS portal through simple steps. The user doesn’t have to visit the department head for old salary slips.

AIIMS Salary Slip 2024 Download Online

Simple steps to download your AIIMS pay slip online, Aiims nursing officer salary slip 2024

Registered AIIMS employees can access the portal and get preferred salary slips using the steps below.

  • Open the AIIMS page link or
  • Go to the homepage option list and select the “Employee” button.
  • Proceed to the salary slip option to access the AIIMS ePYFMS/eHRMS section.
  • Choose one option:
    • Password Based
    • OTP Based

Password Based

  • For the password option, the user should enter the following details:
    • Username
    • Password
    • Captcha code
    • Sign in tab.

OTP Option

Users opting for the OTP tab need to provide:

  • Your registered mobile number
  • Choose the send OTP
  • Provide the code to verify and continue to salary details.
  • Choose your preferred month and year
  • Next, download and print the salary slip on your device.

AIIMS Salary Slip 2024 Download, AIIMS Portal Registration Online
AIIMS Salary Slip 2024 Download, AIIMS Portal Registration 2024

AIIMS Payslip Portal Registration 2024

How to register for the AIIMS payslip portal

AIIMS employees should visit the DDO officer to register for the employee portal. To login the user needs the salary code issued by the DDO officials. The code is indicated on the pay slip, making it easy to access.

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  1. Can I generate the same salary slip?

AIIMS portal doesn’t limit the user from generating their salary slip multiple times. You can get a printout of the same slip using the download process.

  1. Can I access past salary slips?

Yes, it is possible to access old pay slips by selecting the year and month.

  1. How can employees get their AIIMS login credentials?

Every department has a DDO office, which helps register the details and provide login data. However, every employee has a salary code, which is used as a username or login info. The salary code is available on the salary slip. One can check previous slips for easy login.

  1. How many aiims in india

24 total AIIMS in India

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