Sikkim Pension Slip 2024 Download PDF at

Comprehensive Details on Download Sikkim Pension Pay slip 2024. Sikkim Pensioners Pension Slip 2024 Download at Update Bank Account on Pension Payslip at

Sikkim Pension Pay Slip

The Sikkim Pensioners pay slip is a document that provides pensioners in the state of Sikkim with information about their pension payments. It contains essential details like pension amount, name, date of payment, and other related information. It’s distributed by the Department of Finance and Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries.

The slip offers users a record of pension payment information, ensuring the correct pension amount is on time. It provides numerous benefits to pensioners as it keeps records of the user’s pension payments. Pensioners can use the pension slip for various purposes, such as loan applications and financial transactions. However, retired government employees in India can check information and download the pensioner’s pay slip. Pensioners can use the pension slip for various purposes, such as loan applications and financial transactions.

Sikkim Pension Slip 2024 Download PDF at
Sikkim Pension Slip 2024 Download PDF at

Benefits of Downloading Sikkim Pensioners Pension Slip

There are various benefits of downloading Sikkim pensioners’ pension slips, as stated;

  • Easily accessible online.
  • It is hassle-free.
  • Provides accurate pension slip information

Information Contained in the Sikkim Pensioners Salary slip

Sikkim Pensioners Salary Slip contains all the relevant information about your monthly pension payment. Some of the information included in the pension slip are;

  • Deductions
  • Net Pension Amount
  • Date of Crediting
  • Bank Account Number
  • Pensioner’s Name
  • Pension Amount
  • Gross Pension Amount
  • Pension Payment Order (PPO) number.

Contained Details in the Sikkim Pensioners Pension Slip

The pension slip offers proof of income as well as financial transactions. Here are the details included in the pension;

  • Additional pension.
  • Arrears of pension.
  • Basic pension.
  • Dearness Relief (DR).
  • Commuted value of pension.

Importance of Pension Slip for Sikkim Pensioners

  • Gives information about pension payments.
  • Allows pensioners to keep track of their pension payments.
  • Ensures correct amount of pension payments transaction.
  • Serves as a proof of income for pensioners.
  • Offers facilities like income tax filing, financial transactions, and loan applications.

Required Details For Sikkim Pensioners Pension Slip 2024 Download

Required details for downloading the pension slip

You can download the Sikkim pension slip by following the information below;

  • Pension Payment Order (PPO) Number.

You need to input the correct PPO number to access the pension slip.

  • Date of Birth

Pensioners must enter the correct date of birth with the one recorded by the government. Ensure you save the record of your date of birth for future use.

  • Captcha code

You must provide the PPO number and Captcha code to allow your pension slip.

Download Sikkim Pensioners Pension Slip 2024

The process get Sikkim Pensioners Pension Slip 2024 download PDF file

Downloading the Sikkim pensioner’s pension slip is simple and fast. You need to provide the required details as stated below;

  • Navigate to the official website of the Sikkim government’s finances department link.
  • Press on the Pensioner’s Corner option on the opened page.
  • After that, a new window will display on the screen.
  • Provide your pension payment order (PPO) number, Captcha code, and bank account number.
  • Tap on the ‘’Submit’’ button.
  • Finally, you will be able to check and download your pension slip.

How to Update Bank Account Details for Pension Payment

Pensioners can update their bank account details by submitting a written application with the required documents to the Sikkim Treasury Department.

Process on how to read your Sikkim pension slip

To use your Sikkim state pension slip, you need to read and understand your pension as shown below;

  • You need to check the pension payment date.
  • Check the gross pension amount whether is correct.
  • View on whether the deductions are corrected.
  • Ensure the net pension amount is paid correctly.
  • Recheck any pension arrears for clarification.

Points to Note that Pensioners from Sikkim Should keep in Mind

Here are some important points to remember as a pensioner from Sikkim;

  • You should report any issues with your pension slip, like incorrect details or delayed payment transactions, to the Sikkim Treasury Department.
  • Keep a record of all pension slips received for the year in case of any discrepancies in the future.
  • Ensure you update your bank account details often to prevent delays in receiving the pension payments.
  • Pension slips are distributed monthly.
  • Pensioners should keep the records for future use.


  1. What are the contacts for a discrepancy in Sikkim Pensioners Slip 2024?

You can report any of the discrepancies in your Sikkim pension slip as soon as possible to avoid any delay in receiving your pension payment to the pension authority as below;

  • Office of the Pension Payment Authority.
  • Office of the Directorate of Pension and Provident Fund
  • Office of the Accountant General (AG)-Pension.

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