PF Balance Check Without UAN Number, Mobile Number, SMS, and EPFO Portal

How to Check EPF Account Balance Without UAN Number : How to check PF balance using UAN, mobile number, SMS, and EPFO Portal 2024 at

PF Balance Check

Saving for retirement means securing a better future for you and your family members. The process takes a significant commitment to set aside enough funds. In India, there are mandatory saving schemes directed to retirement funds. Employees and employers participate in saving a set percentage each month. The EPF (Employee Provident Fund) is a compulsory retirement saving scheme developed by the EPFO. Companies with 10-20 plus employees should register under the EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization). Each member gets a provident fund account, where the employer deposits the funds.

The EPF is a combined effort of employer and employees where each provides a particular amount monthly. The amount is deducted directly from the salary every month. The Indian government and EPFO bodies offer an interest rate of 8.5%. The interest is not fixed but changes based on the governing bodies. Employees will benefit after retirement though there are several exceptional cases where one can request their PF contribution. Before tech advancement, employees must visit the EPFO offices or employer office for PF balance and statement checks.

The process was hectic, attracted congestion, and misplace documents. To avoid the hassle, EPFO introduced various ways of checking PF balance and getting PF statements. The procedure involves mobile gadgets and internet use. Individuals without internet means can check balance via SMS and missed calls. For Online access, the PF account holder can open the EPFO website portal, UMANG app and check for any PF details.

PF Balance Check Without UAN Number

EPF Benefits

  • Helps employees avail insurance and retirement funds.
  • The employee can request a loan against the EPF balance.
  • One can access the funds in case they are unemployed for some time.
  • EPF helps in several situations such as medical expenses, child education, marriage, building, and more.

Employees should check PF balance regularly to get status and see progress on their accounts. To access the account, your employer needs to activate the UAN (Unique Identification number). The UAN is a mandatory detail/number issued to employees. It’s unique and used in an employee’s lifetime. The number helps unify all PF accounts funds to one. An employee can access a PF account from previous jobs and transfer the data and funds to the current account using UAN.It’s also essential when checking balance, requesting a loan, and withdrawing PF.

PF Balance Check Without UAN Number
PF Balance Check Without UAN Number

How to Check EPF balance using the EPFO UAN Portal

Step by step to Check EPF balance using the EPFO UAN Portal

  1. Open the EPFO UAN (EPF India) website portal link.
  3. On the homepage, select “our service” >”for employees.”
  4. Proceed and click “member passbook” from the services section.
  5. The login page will show, enter the UAN number and password to proceed.
  6. On the page, check your EPF details: balance, statement, status, and more.

PF Balance Check Using the SMS Method

The UAN must be activated and incorporated with the employee’s KYC details.Employees can check PF balance using the format below.

  • EPFOHO UAN ENG to 7738299899.

The ENG abbreviation means the preferred language. The user can enter any language such as EPFOHO UAN MAR or TEL. Note the SMS facility has more than 11 languages, making it easy for every user to understand.

PF Balance Check Using Missed Call Service

EPFO has developed a missed call service, where an employee can access various EPF services. The user needs to make a call using the number 011-22901406. The employee’s mobile number should be registered with UAN. The call will ring several times and automatically disconnect. EPFO systems will send an SMS containing your PF balance.

UMANG EPFO (Mobile Applications)

EPF members can utilize their mobile devices to check for PF balance details. One needs to download the application to proceed. However, the app will only work after activation of the UAN number.

  • Download them-Sewa app of the EPFO.
  • On the app, proceed to “member” >balance/passbook.
  • Next, enter your UAN and mobile number.
  • The app system will verify the information.
  • After confirmation, the user can access the EPF page for balance checks and other details.


  • Download the UMANG EPFO app and enter the OTP sent for verification.
  • On the app, select the option “employee centric services.”
  • Next click “view passbook” >enter UAN >OTP number.
  • Recheck and click the “login” button.
  • Now users can access any EPF information from PF balance, statements, loans, and more.

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  1. Can I access the PF balance without a UAN number?

    All employees require the UAN number, and it should be activated to help access the majority of the EPF services.

  2. Can EPF members check PF balance for previous PF accounts?

    Yes, the UAN number helps unify the PF account details to one platform.Once login to the EPFO website or through any methods mentioned above. The user can request a PF balance from any organization.

  3. How can an employee get a UAN number?

    Your employer should provide the UAN number; it’s also found on the salary slip details.

  4. Can apprentices participate or pay for EPF?

    No, a trainee cannot pay for EPF unless they are fully employed. EPF is a contribution made by employees and employers. This means the individual must be permanently employed.

  5. How to check PF Balance Check without UAN Number

    We have so many methods for checking PF balance without uan number along with mobile number, SMS, and EPFO portal at

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