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Puducherry Pay Slip

For Indian employees’ to access digital services, governments have gone the extra mile to improve their online platforms. This enables workers to procure services without any delays. One of the improved digital platforms is the salary slips. Due to the number of individuals working in government, preparing salary pay slips manually is challenging and time-consuming. To curb the delays, Indian State governments like Puducherry have introduced systems such as the Pay Soft Puducherry portal.

The Puducherry state government has improved its digital platform to give its employees better services. The employees, through the introduction of the salary.py.gov.in website, can easily search and download the salary slip on their device. The website link https://esalary.py.gov.in is provided by the Pay soft Puducherry, making it possible for many to log in at any time, anywhere, for salary-related data.

What is Puducherry Salary Slip?

It is an informational document generated in PDF consisting of employee payments and agreement details about employment. The salary slip is handed over to the employee every month according to the agreement status. It shows the earnings and deductions done to your salary, also known as the Puducherry employee payslip.

What is Pay soft Salary Processing?

It is a web portal prepared for government employees to pay their bills. The website contains important features like:

  • Loan management.
  • Income tax calculations.
  • Leave management.

NB. Keep the secrecy of the login details for security reasons..

Paysoft Puducherry Pay Slip 2024, Mobile APP Esalary.py.gov.in
Paysoft Puducherry Pay Slip 2024, Mobile APP Esalary.py.gov.in

Puducherry Employee Pay Slip 2024

What is the Puducherry Employee Salary Slip for 2024?

It is the latest improved salary slip given to government employees. It consists of monthly payments, deductions and earnings. Particularly, it is an essential document for two parties (Employee and Employer). This salary slip is an online portal opened to all government employees for information concerning their salary.

Contents of Puducherry Salary Slip 2024

The following are details found in the Puducherry salary pay slip;

  • Monthly net pay.
  • Earnings given like;
    • Dearness allowance.
    • House rent allowance.
    • Travel allowance.
    • Medical allowance.
    • Basic pay.
  • • Employee details like;
    • Employee code.
    • Name.
    • Designation.
  • • Deductions done like;
    • Income tax.
    • Professional tax.
    • Provident fund.

Advantages of the Puducherry Employee Pay Slip 2024

  • Transparency and accountability.

In the Puducherry portal, employees are able to see how their salary was paid and its deductions; thus, the employers can account for it.

  • It saves time.
  • Easy to access.

The portal contains easy features that don’t require any skills to operate.

Steps to download Puducherry Employee Pay Slip 2024.
The state government of Puducherry has opened an official website to deal with salary pay slips of their employees. To check for your salary information, follow the below steps:

  • Having your device, one should go to the Puducherry official website, https://esalary.py.gov.in.
  • On opening, you will be directed to its pay slip portal written, “Pay soft Salary Processing”.
  • Click on the “Log in” tab found on the display screen.
  • On the display screen, a lot of login links, such as;
    • Department login.
    • Collector login.
    • PEN2 login.
    • NIC login.
    • Employee login.
    • DAT login.
    • NPS login.
    • Secretary login.
    • PLI login.
    • A general login will appear.
  • Choose the “Employee Login” option, and a new application web will open to fill in the application details.
  • Fill in the following details;
    • Security code.
    • PRAN/GPF number.
  • Tap to submit and a new page in which the following details are given;
    • Loan application links.
    • View My Details.
    • GPS particulars.
    • Pay slip.
  • On all the links, hit the “Pay Slip link”, and a new page will open.
  • Choose the month in which you are looking for your salary information, and it will appear immediately.
  • To download your pay slip, press the “Print” tab
  • Confirm and use it for future reference.

What is esalary.py.gov.in Salary Slip 2024?

This is the Puducherry website officially opened by the state government and is managed and maintained by the finance department under the directorate of accounts and treasuries. This is the latest and the best website the Puducherry government employees are using to access their salary pay slips for 2024.


  1. Who manages the Puducherry web portal esalary.py.gov.in?

    This web portal is managed by the state government of Puducherry through the Finance department, directorate of accounts and treasuries.

  2. Which is the Puducherry official website to use?

    The Puducherry official website given for employees to use is https://esalary.gov.in.

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