Nagaland Employee Salary Slip, GPF Statement, Pay Slip Download

2024 Informative Guide on Nagaland Employee GPF slip Statement and Employee pay slip 2024. Nagaland Employee Salary Slip, GPF Statement, Pay Slip Download at

Nagaland a Northeast State in India is marked with beautiful natural amenities. The State has a strong government with multiple public departments that help serve millions of Nagaland residents. Each Department offers unique services and programs to citizens to ensure all needs are fulfilled.

Nagaland Salary Slip

Nagaland State government is quite advanced and caters for many workers holding various government posts. The employees avail a monthly pay which is shown through legal payslip.The government also provide retirement benefits. The GPF is an incredible retirement scheme towards government employees.

GPF or General Provident Fund is a program designed to help save a portion of employee salary. The employer and employee contribute an equal amount which is offered after the set retirement age. With the numerous number of employees. The Nagaland State government uses a simple secure and online platform to help handle and provide any salary details.

GPF slip is a document indicating the user’s retirement amount over the set time towards the scheme. Employees can download their GPF statement anytime using the link

Nagaland GPF Login

Subscriber Login:
DDO Login
Treasury Login:
AG Login
Nagaland Employee GPF Login

Nagaland Employee Salary Slip, GPF Statement, Pay Slip Download
Nagaland Employee Salary Slip, GPF Statement, Pay Slip Download at

GPF and Employee Pay Slip Portal

Registered workers get payment slips, GPF slips and also GPF statements through the official epayroll portal. The Finance Department develops the employees’ portal by allowing users to gain login credentials. Once registered the employees can visit different options such as GPF statements, download salary slips, etc. Besides the online system, the employees have the privilege to visit the DDO offices to request salary and GPF slips.

GPF Interest Calculation Details

It’s possible to avail the GPF Interest by calculating. The rate by an annual basis. The Nagaland government has set a specific interest rate which is open to changes.

The calculations are based on the account balance at the start of the year plus interest earned within the year and the balance at the end of the year.

  • GPF = balance in account + Interest earned + balance at end of the year * interest rate/100.

Download Nagaland GPF Employee Slip 2024

Steps to download Nagaland GPF employee slip in 2024

  1. Open the Nagaland Finance Department Employee pay slip portal via the link
  2. Go to the site’s GPF option and open new options.
  3. Select the GPF link to avail the GPF statement online.
  4. This will help open the download option and proceed to a new window.
  5. User should proceed to the “GPF series” to avail the following:
    • GPF account number
    • Pin number
  6.  Login tab and continue by choosing the year and month you wish to get GPF the statement.
  7. The statement will show, download the document on your download folder.

GPF Statement Nagaland Website PIN

Steps to get GPF statement Nagaland website PIN

Every Nagaland government employee requires a PIN to login and avail all employee salary and GPF data. To generate the access PIN one needs to follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the link and open the “GPF series” option.
  • Next, input your GPF number and provide the PIN.
  • The PIN is designed from the user’s “Date of birth” in the following format 01-Jan-24
  • Provide the page’s captcha code and press the “generate OTP” tab.
  • The system will send an OTP, and use the code to generate a new PIN.
  • With the new details, one can log in to the Nagaland employee portal for multiple services.

GPF Nomination

The nominee’s role is to legally acquire the employee’s benefits in case of death. The GPF nomination allows employees to choose one or more people to receive the GPF funds. Employees should fill the Form 1 and provide the correct details. Once satisfied with the decision the user should submit the form to the employer for approval and update.


  1. What document do I require to transfer my GPF account to the new state?

Workers seeking to transfer their accounts should fill in Form 3 and submit it to their respective employers for approval and processing.

  1. Can I request for GPF statement offline?

The Nagaland State government introduces an online portal to help with every salary detail. However, for any issues or GPF statements, one can visit the DDO office for assistance. Each department has a DDO officer responsible for all employees’ needs.

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