Mutation of Property in Delhi, Property Mutation Application in Delhi

Legal Land or Property Mutation application Process in Delhi. Mutation of Property in Delhi, Property Mutation Application in Delhi at

Mutation of Property in Delhi

Legal procedures are time-consuming and require numerous paperwork and government inclusion. This discourages many from seeking the lawful process and opt for casual writings. However, with property or land, going for informal deals might introduce stressful issues at long run. The cases of property grabbing never end and result in serious matters.

To avoid fights and probably death, India State and Central government establish public offices and departments to deal with property documents. The government (s) go beyond to introduce an online portal to ease congestion and hasten the process.

Delhi, a big popular and populous city/capital in India, holds millions of residents with properties. Through the Delhi Municipal Corporation, the government has incorporated ways to help property owners access legal ownership documents. It’s easy to avail title deeds, sale deeds, mutation certificates and other land or property deeds.

Property Mutation in Delhi Details

Mutation is a legal transfer of property or land from a particular owner to a new person. The mutation process happens when the property owner sells or gifts or a legal heir takes over the property. This helps in updating the government system from the previous to the current owner.

It’s a legal process that helps new property owners avail land deeds (title deeds). Without the Mutation documents, it’s challenging to transfer or conduct any activities on the property. Delhi Municipal Corporation or Delhi Development Authority offers an open website to help with the mutation and other procedures.

Mutation of Property in Delhi, Property Mutation Application in Delhi
Mutation of Property in Delhi, Property Mutation Application in Delhi

Required Documents for Delhi Property Mutation Process

Before commencing the mutation procedure, the involved parties need to present the following documents:

  • Property/land sale deed
  • A Notice Form-A: this applies to all transfers except for inheritance cases.
  • Notice Form-B: the Form-B caters for inheritance transfer cases.
  • The deceased Will or the property’s owner will.
  • Stamp Fee (Rs.3) is attached to the application details. This can be accessed on the Annexure A.
  • The user should have an Affidavit attested by a notary. The document should have the names of the old and new owners.
  • Indemnity bond on stamp paper Rs. 100. The bond should be signed, as it assures the owner pays the Municipal Corporation once a disagreement arises after mutation. For the Indemnity bond, the user can check in Annexure B.
  • Identity documents
  • Power of Attorney
  • Succession certificate

Once the user gets all the documents, they can decide to process the mutation online or offline based on preference.

How to do Mutation of Property Online in Delhi

Step by step to apply for mutation of property online in Delhi. Online property Mutation process in Delhi

  1. Open the Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMC) website or the Delhi Development Authority portal.
  2. New applicants must register by signing up and availing their details.
  3. Select the login tab and proceed to the “Property Tax” under the Online Services” section.
  4. Next, enter the property details and press the search option.
  5. Continue to apply for UPIC (Union Payment Identification Code) and the Property Mutation.
  6. Ensure to provide all required documents such as NOC, identity documents, etc.
  7. The page will show the payment section and clear the fee to proceed.
  8. The Corporation will review the application. If okay, they will approve.
  9. After a while, go to the application status to check whether it’s accepted or rejected.
  10. For rejected cases, the user must pay the fee again to reapply.

Offline Delhi Property Mutation Application Details

It’s possible to apply for Mutation through the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. One needs to provide all mandatory documents and pay the application fee. The authorized officials will review the application and provide consent if the details are correct.

Delhi property Mutation Application Status Check

Steps to check your Delhiproperty Mutation Application 2024 Status

Once the application is complete, the applicant can check the status to determine the Municipal’s decision.

  • Through the Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMC) website page.
  • Open the sign in page and proceed to the “Online Service” tab.
  • Choose the “e-Mutation Property Tax” button.
  • Next, select the “Application for e-Mutation” option and proceed to the “Application Status” tab.
  • Submit the details to receive the application status on the screen.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi allows property owners to seek for Mutation documents any time. However, for land, the owner must make the transfers immediately after the process starts.

Benefits of Property Mutation

  • Mutation process helps in identifying the legal property or land owner.
  • It’s a great document that helps the government know about property tax details.

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  1. My Mutation application was rejected. What should I do?

Suppose the applicant doesn’t provide all documents or makes a few mistakes. The applicant might be rejected. One must reapply and pay the application fee again. It’s advisable to recheck the documents before reapplication process.

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