Jharbhoomi Land Records Jharkhand 2024 झारभूमि झारखण्ड पोर्टल

How To Check Jharbhoomi Jharkhand 2023 Land Records


Land dispute are a major concern in land dealing that sometime lead to death and distractions. To solve the issue authorized bodies design defined systems that help in land recording and document provision. The India central and state government via the Land Revenue Departments develop automated platforms to cater for all land details. Property/land owners can review and avail their land information such as deeds, mutation, EC and more from the portals. This has reduce corruption, land grabbing and other emerging issues in the country.

Jharkhand a developed state in India, utilizes online portal known as “Jharbhoomi Jharkhand” https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/. The program was initiated by Revenue Department, Jharkhand, in collaboration with National Informatics Centre {NIC}. Its objective is to access land records in a single window publicly.

Primary Services done in Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Land Records

The Jharkhand land records were established to help individuals have peace and avail the record easily on their devices. Primary services are as follows:

  • Details of land records.
  • Changing ownership of the parcel land (mutation).
  • Digitization of registry and revenue details.
  • Apna Khata and Bhu Naksha details.
  • Prevention of illegal activities on property/land.
  • Mutation documents.
  • Land transfer.
  • Online payment for lagan and tax.

Jharbhoomi Nic In


Jharbhoomi Land Records Jharkhand 2024 झारभूमि झारखण्ड पोर्टल
Jharbhoomi Land Records Jharkhand 2024 झारभूमि झारखण्ड पोर्टल at jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in

Benefits of Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Land Records

The Jharkhand land records have multiple benefits to the government and its people. These benefits are:

  • It increases revenue for the Jharkhand government.
  • In land transactions, it reduces fraud and corruption.
  • Citizens have better accessibility to land records.
  • Efficiency and transparency increases in the management of land records.
  • Managing and planning better land resources.

Jharbhoomi Login Jharkhand Land Records

Login to your account for Jharkhand Land Records.

To login to the Jharbhoomi portal, consider the steps below:

  • Move to the official website of Jharkhand Land Record portal https://Jharbhoomi.nic.in and press ‘Online Application’ on the left side of the menu.
  • On opening a new page, proceed to the tab “Registration.”
  • After filling in the required details, select the Proceed button.
  • Enter the captcha code, Email id, and password.
  • Your account is now ready for use.

Check Jharbhoomi Register 2 or Jharkhand Khatian Online

Checking Jharbhoomi Register 2 or Jharkhand Khatian online.

The portal provides users with information about Jharbhoomi register 2 and land records online. Below are simple ways to follow when registering as Jharbhoomi register 2 or Khatian on the official website:

  • Progress to the official website of Jharkhand Land Record portal https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/.
  • On the left side of the pane, press on “see account and register 2” in the options.
  • Open the “Khatian or register 2”, and submit the information required like account number, district name, last name, Halka name, variety of land, Anchal name, and Meja name.
  • Log in with the security code and press on Jharbhoomi Register 2 or Khatian.
  • The needed details will appear on the screen.

How to Find Jharkhand Land Records Online at Jharbhoomi

It’s much easier to search for land records online using the steps below.

  • Click the Jharkhand Land Record official website.
  • On the left, press on “view your Account” option. The Jharkhand district map will appear, open the area of the land location.
  • The localities within the district block of the map will be displayed on the screen. Choose the concerned block.
  • A new window will open, choose the “Halka/light” and “type of land” options to continue.
  • By choosing one of the below options, view the land document of your choice;
    • Accountholder name
    •  Account number,
    • Mauja name,
    •  Mauja to Khesra number.
  • Enter the “search” option, and the needed information will be displayed on the screen.

How to Pay Online Taxes Using at Jharbhoomi Portal

Paying online taxes using the Jharbhoomi Portal.

Land taxes or Lagaan are available in Jharbhoomi portal online via thefollowing steps below.

  • Go to the official website at https://jharbhooomi.nic.in/.
  • On the homepage, choose the option ‘For Online Lagaan.’
  • The next page will display the “Revenue, Registration, and Reforms Department.”
  • Progress to “Pay Online” button.
  • The screen will open and show details, such as district name, Halka name, Mauja name, and Anchal name.
  • After submitting the details, fill in the captcha code and press the “search” button to display the data.
  • Next, proceed to the payment page and opt for your preferred method to complete the process.

Jharkhand Online Mutation Application Status Check

Application status for Jharkhand online mutation.

The Jharbhoomi Jharkhand portal allows for the application of online mutation. To apply, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Jharbhoomi Jharkhand official website.
  • Press on the online application.
  • Next key in your registered username and password.
  • From the list, choose the “District and Circle” button.
  • Press on ‘Apply New Mutation’.
  • After filling in the Applicant’s details, click “By sale” in the mutation type.
  • Outline the buyer’s details, such as:
    • Mobile number,
    • Name,
    • Relation,
    • Gender,
    • Address,
    • Caste,
    • Guardian name.
  • Next, provide clear information about the property by filling details such as:
    • Revenue Thana,
    • Halka name,
    • District,
    • Circle,
    • Thana name,
    • Sub-division.
    •  Plot number,
    • Transact areas 1 and 2,
    • Khata number,
    • Boundaries.
  • Review the information and upload the sale deed/ Registration in pdf.
  • Press the ‘submit’ option, the mutation receipt will be produced. Create a copy for reference.

How to View the Previous Payments on the Jharkhand Jharbhoomi Portal

Viewing the Previous Payments on the Jharkhand Jharbhoomi Portal

  • Proceed to the official website link; https://jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/.
  • Select the ‘Online Lagaan’ option.
  • Next, choose the “View Previous Payments” from the displayed options.
  • Fill in the following details:
    • Halka name,
    • Region name,
    • District name,
    • Mauja name,
    • Present portion,
    • plot number,
    • Raiyyat name,
  • Enter the captcha code and press on the ‘search’ option.
  • All the payment details will be display on the screen.

How to FInd Khasra Details on Jharbhoomi Portal

Finding Khasra details on the Jharbhoomi portal. Khasra details can be viewed online on the Jharbhoomi portal. Open the portal using the steps below:

  • Progress to the official website of the portal.
  • https://jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/
  • Press on the option ‘Khasra Ka Sampoorn Vivaran’.
  • The Jharbhoomi Naksha district map will appear showing block map.
  • Enter the required tabs: District, Anchal, Mauja, and Halka names, search other documents through the plot, Khata number, and Raiyat name.
  • Fill in the captcha code and press on “search” button.

File Complaint on Jharbhoomi Land Record Portal

Quick steps to file complaint on Jharbhoomi Land Record Portal

Jharkhand citizens can make complaints using the steps below.

  • Click on the official Jharbhoomi portal website https://jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/.
  • Go to the home page, press on the ‘Public Grievances’ option.
  • The system will redirect you to the next page, fill in the details like
    • Plot number,
    • Register 2 pages
    •  Volume number,
    • Email id,
    • Address,
    • District name,
    • Halka name,
    • Anchal name,
    • Query,
    • Mauja name.
  • Recheck the details and press the “submit” option.

Jharbhoomi Bhu Naksha

Accessing the Jharbhoomi Naksha from the portal.

You can follow the given steps to access the Bhu Naksha from the portal:

  • Go to the official portal.
  •  Log in to the BhuNaksha and fill the requested details:
    • Halka,
    • Circle,
    • Sheet number,
    •  Mauja,
    • District,
  • The page will show Bhu Naksha data for reference.

How to Avail a Summary of Land from Jharbhoomi Portal

Checking land banks with the Jharkhand government is quick when using the Jharbhoomi portal. Follow the steps below to check the land bank:

  • Move into the Jharbhoomi home page.
  • Press “Bhumi Bank” option on the homepage.
  • Next, click the land bank summary to avail the highlighted details.
  • Download the report on your device in pdf format.

Online Mutation Documents

  • Aadhaar card
  • Sale deeds
  • Tax payment receipts {latest}
  • Ration card.
  • Latest receipts of property tax payment
  • Previous and latest registration deeds.
  • Signed and stamped mutation application
  • An Affidavit of requisite value on stamp paper
  • Power of Attorneys copy
  • A copy of Succession certificate
  • Death certificate.

How to Check Mutation Status of Jharbhoomi

Check the mutation status of Jharbhoomi.

Land mutation application is available on the Jharbhoomi Jharkhand website portal. Property owners and inspiring buyers can check mutation information online as follows.

  • Visit the Jharbhoomi website https://jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/
  • Go to the ‘Application Status’ on the left-hand side.
  •  Opening the Jharkhand district-wise map, click the land parcel district of the situated mutation status.
  • Next, select the block tab to avail a new form with details on objected, rejected, disposed-off, pending cases, etc.
  • Proceed and enter applicant’s name, case number, and mauja wise to check the mutation status.
  • Select the ‘search’ option, to reflect the details on the screen.

Jharbhoomi Land Records Cause List

 Eligible Jharbhoomi portal users, one can check thecause list-cases on hearing or waiting to be heard using the steps below.

  • Move to the portal of Jharbhoomi land record, https://Jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/
  • Select the “Revenue Court Management System” option leading to open a new page.
  • Click the cause list, tab.
  • Choose the ‘District tab” and the “Court Type-Revenue” option from the list.
  • Proceed to the “view and list of cause list” option to access a particular cause.
  • The screen will display the latest details.
  • Download the Excel sheet for reference.

Calculate the Stamp Duty at Jharbhoomi

Easy steps to calculate the stamp duty on the Jharbhoomi portal.

  • Launch the Jharbhoomi portal.
  • Enter the option “State Portal for Revenue” and click the website, http://regd.jharkhand.gov.in/jars/website/
  • On the homepage, press the stamp duty calculator button.
  • Select the District and Deed type options to continue.
  • Next, fill in Mouza Name, Anchal Name, Area, Unity, Selling Rate, Valuation, and Land Type.
  • Press the add button to access the stamp duty details.

How to Conduct Lagan Online Pay on Jharbhoomi Portal

Use the Jharbhoomi portal to pay lagan online as follows:

  • Log in to the Jharbhoomi website portal, and tap the “Online Lagan” button.
  • You will be redirected to a new web page, and tap the View Pending Dues {Bakaya Dekhein}
  • Fill in details such as Mauja and Anchal names, Halka and District.
  • To make a Lagan payment, enter the “Online Bhugtan Karein” option.
  • Input all the payment details, to complete the procedure.

Note it’s possible to view previous records on Lagan payment from the portal

view Outstanding Payment 2023-24 at Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Portal

Steps to view the Outstanding Payment Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Portal

  • Visit the Jharbhoomi portal home page.
  • Select the option “Online Lagaan” tab
  • Press the “Viewers Arrears” option and enter the details like Anchal, mauja, Halka and District.
  • Continue to avail the property Plot number, Khata number, and Raiyyat name.
  • Key in the captcha code and tap the search option.
  • The outstanding payment details will display on the page.

Registration of the Property and Booking Slot in the ‘Nibandhan’ Jharkhand Portal

The government has introduced an advance system to help in property registration and land record process.  The system was named “National Generic Documents Registration System or NGDRS.”  Jharkhand Government renamed the platform as Nibandhan portal to help accomplish multiple land record registration details.

Available Services on the Nibandhan’ portal

  • Property Registration Document Entry.
  • Verification of Documents by the sub registrar’s Office on Online Appointment.
  • Password and User name for citizen registration.
  • Online upload for Property Documents.

To open the ‘Nibandhan’ portal:

  • Click the official website at https://jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/.
  • Select the ‘Nibandhan’ button on the homepage.
  • The official website of Jharkhand is ‘Nibandhan’ at https://jharnibandhan.gov.in/.

If needed to create an account, create and follow the steps for the property registration.

Parishodhan Portal in Jharbhoomi.

The Parishodhan portal was created to bring transparency to the government’s land records and related documents. It helps with mistake rectification in government record. Eligible citizens can use Parishodhan to correct their Khatian, Jamabandi/Register II or any complaint details online.

How to File a Complaint on Parishodhan Portal

Portal user file a complaint using the procedure below.

  • Move to the Jharbhoomi portal. “https://jharbhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/”
  • Select the Parishodhan button to access the link https://parishodhan.jharkhand.gov.in/.
  • Select the ‘Post Grievance’ option and enter the Applicant’s name, contact number, and email address.
  • Select the Send OPT tab and click to submit a complaint on the page.

Mobile App for Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Land Records (झारभूमि 2023 गाइड | झारखंड भूमि रिकॉर्ड ऑनलाइन)

This app is an application for a third party and was not introduced by the Government of Jharkhand. It helps the users of the portal to get their records for those properties situated in Jharkhand. Users can get their land records through the mobile app by providing the area details like villages, districts, and tehsil of the property.

NOTE; never provide any personal or confidential details on land or personal information. This is a third-party application, and the Government of Jharkhand does not produce the information given in the land record apps.

Official Contact information for Jharbhoomi

For any assistance, contact:

Department of Revenue, Registration, and Land Reforms

Jharkhand Government

Office Address: New Auditorium, Ground Floor, Project Building, Dhurwa,

Ranchi, Jharkhand 834004

Phone Number- 0651-2401716

Email Address :doirjh@gmail.com


Does Jharkhand’s state government register the Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Land Records Mobile App?

The mobile application is merged with the official Jharbhoomi portal to provide all land record details. The app is a designed as third-party app and hasn’t been launched by the government. The public is cautioned not to provide important details to avoid scam.

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