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CMIS Manipur

The word digital comes with efficiency, less time consumption, accountability, and transparency. Indian government departments are venturing into online systems to ease multiple services and provide timely salaries. Employees are taking advantage of the simplified to view salary slips, check allowances, leaves, and other employment factors.

Manipur, a revolutionized state in India, has developed a digital employee system known as the Centralized Management Information System (CMIS). The role of the CMIS is to make the government functions digital and keep them to the required standards. It allows employees easy access to their salary records and calculations of their pay slips.

  • The treasury helps in managing the budget, revenue collection and all financial documentation.
  • It’s an effective tool that allows the Finance Department to regulate government facilities.
  • Manipur Treasury offers transparent services by delivering quality services to all residents.

What is IFMS Manipur?

The IFMS (Integrated Finance Management System) Manipur incorporates government financial arms launched in 2019. The financial components are such as:

  • Treasury Net Manipur.
  • Beams Manipur.
  • CMIS Manipur.

The IFMS Manipur Features and Benefits

The IFMS features include:

  • Manipur government can easily manage and allocate funds through the IFMS.
  • It helps in processing the employee’s payment.
  • The IFMS provides users with updated information.
  • This system allows the government to integrate GSTN, e-tender, and e-procurement systems.

What is CMIS Manipur?

The CMIS (Central Management Information System) Manipur deals with the Payroll and personnel. The National Informatics Centre (NIC) is the main developer of this system, which was launched in 2018. The CMIS has a role in the IFMS such as:

  • Providing the employment history.
  • It deals with the payroll processing.
  • The system gives the details of the employee (Personal).
  • It overlooks the administration of pension schemes.
  • The management of leave and attendance.

What is BEAMS Manipur?

BEAMS (Budget Estimation, Allocation, and Monitoring System) is one of the systems operating in the finance department of the government of Manipur. Being a digital platform, it allocates the budget and releases expenditures. Its performance in working with other departments has enabled them to act efficiently. The launch of the BEAMS was between 2012 and 2013, and it has been managing Manipur’s budget.

Features and Benefits of BEAMS

  • The employee’s work is easily done.
  • The system has created enough time for the government to view budget utilization.
  • It’s a time-saving and transparent budget system.
  • The accuracy of the system has enhanced trust among employees.
  • It helps to monitor and report the flow of the working system.
  • Controls budget allocation and utilization of generated reports.

Treasurymanipur. nic. in

CMIS Manipur Employee Pay Slip 2024 Download at
CMIS Manipur Employee Pay Slip 2024 Download at

This is the official website used by the treasury department of Manipur in India. The platform helps the concerned individuals access government operations (Financial services and information). The information includes:

  • Revenue allocations.
  • Expenditure reports.
  • Budget details.

The website gives certain services (online) to government employees like:

  • Checking the status of bills and payments.
  • Downloading pay slips.
  • Online viewing of pay slips.
  • Accessing to financial documents.

What is TreasuryNET Manipur?

It is an online web brought about to develop and outline treasury operations based on financial aspects. The web allows the management of employees and their Payroll to attain their online pay slips. It also ascertains the budget planning and allocation of finance in government departments.

The role of TreasuryNET Manipur.
Benefits of the system include:

  • Transparency.
  • Provides efficiency in government.
  • It’s designed for monitoring and allocation of financial functions.
  • It enables accountability of treasury operations.

CMIS Manipur Salary Slip 2024 (Payslip) PDF Download

The CMIS Manipur Employee salary slip 2024 PDF download.

To download the Manipur employee salary slip 2024, one has to follow the steps below:

  • An employee has to visit the Manipur government’s official website at
  • Have your details and log in to the website:
    • Employee ID.
    • Department code.
    • Password.
  • Move to “Payroll” or “Employee services” to get the download choices for pay slips.
  • Get the selected year for the pay slip download. In this case, “2024”.
  • The website gives you information to download and generate your payslip.
  • You will receive your salary slip in PDF format, review it, and get a printed copy if needed.

How to Register an Employee on the Manipur Treasury Portal Employee?

For an employee to register in the system, one has to:

  • Go through the official website of the Manipur Treasury portal at
  • Given the “Employee Registration” option, tap to get the link.
  • Next, provide the requested information, which includes:
    • Password.
    • Department and designation.
    • Employee’s name and code.
    • Confirm password.
    • Email address.
    • Treasury office.
    • Mobile number.
  • After providing the information, tap the “Register” option and wait for the verification message in your email address and mobile number.
  • You must activate your account by pressing the verification link in the email.
  • The Manipur Treasury Portal account is ready, and you can log in by entering your password and the employee code.

Manipur Treasurynet Login

How to log in to the TreasuryNET Manipur.
If you need to log in to the Manipur TreasuryNET portal, use the following guide:

  • Proceed to the Manipur portal and open its website at
  • You need to input the required details in their allocated places like:
    • Employee code.
    • Password.
  • You should select the “login” option to avail the account.


  1. Which is the CMIS Manipur employee pay slip 2024 website?

    The CMIS Manipur employee pay slip 2024 website is at

  2. How to log in the TreasuryNET Manipur?

    If you need to log in to the Manipur TreasuryNET portal, use the following guide:Proceed to the Manipur portal and open its website athttps://treasurymanipur.nic.inYou need to put the required details in their allocated places like:Employee code.Password.You should select the “login” option.

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